The Decay of The West: Destruction by Modernity and Mohammedanism


         While not immediately apparent, this chapter is a military story because it is fundamentally a national security story.  The United States of America is in near-term existential fight for its survival as a free Constitutional Republic.  The two threats are Modernity [also known as Progressivism, Leftism, Globalism, Socialism or Communism] and Mohammedans [also known as Radical Islamists]. We can lose our rights and maybe our lives much faster than the time it has taken to grow and nurture our Great Republic.


         Any casual student of history can see the abysmal failures wrought by the governmental overreach of socialism: Soviet Russia; Chinese Communists; Cambodia; and, Venezuela.  Mohammedanism has brought us female genital mutilation; ongoing ethnic and religious cleansing; and destruction of all that is sacred to Christendom and The West. Those that deny this are either woefully ignorant or willfully blind or deceptive.


         In the beautifully written book The Great Heresies Hilaire Belloc identifies five major moral threats to Christendom: Arianism, Mohammedanism, Albigensianism, Protestantism and what Belloc labeled the “Modern Attack.”  Arianism and Albigensianism were disputes of the early Church concerning respectively the full Divinity of Christ and the duality of good and evil in the Universe.  These disputes were mostly resolved in the first Millennium A.D.  The violent upheavals between Catholics and Protestants were a problem primarily confined to Europe and most of the bloody disputes between them were resolved after the Peace of Westphalia that capped the Thirty Years War. 


         The intellectual and spiritual rift between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism is still ongoing, yet it is a dispute that often fills pages with beautiful prose like that of John Henry Cardinal Newman. As a Roman Catholic, I pray for this split to be mended, with all Christian Churches coming together again under the guidance of Peter’s successor. Whether that happens in my lifetime is not an existential threat to The West. Nor are the existence of practicing Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. That leaves Mohammedanism and Modernity as the unresolved and ever festering dangers to the good (Godly) order and moral freedoms of The West’s Judeo-Christian heritage so beautifully exemplified in the Declaration of Independence and our Republic’s other founding documents.


         With its Judeo-Christian roots, a truly free and classically liberal[1] society – that respects private property rights and allows men to freely follow God’s Grace that is deep in every person’s heart – is the least imperfect of manmade societies.  It is the society envisioned by our Founding Fathers as so clearly set forth in the Federalists Papers, Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. The twin pillars of Islam and Modernity now perilously threaten it. 


            Adherents to Christianity, Judaism and most of the world’s religions except Islam do not have violence as one of their core articles of faith. Brian Hennessey of Israel Today has argued that “extremism” isn’t really the problem. It is which specific religion believers are following. “[T]he more serious a moderate Muslim gets about practicing his religion, the more ‘radicalized’ he will become,” he contended. “With those that look to the Bible, just the opposite happens. The core message of the Bible urges believers to love your neighbors as yourself, not cut their heads off. So, the more a Christian or Jew gets serious about his biblical beliefs, and practices them, the more loving and godlier they become.”


            While it is true that only a small fraction of Islam’s billion-plus of adherents are currently radicalized to the point of violence, it is equally as true that a large majority of Muslims do yearn for a world ruled by Sharia Law.  This is simply incompatible with both a classically liberal Constitutional Republic and the very existence of Christianity and Judaism. Mohamed established a permanent state of war between Islam and everyone else, dividing the world into Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb (the House of War).  1,400 years of clerical decrees by the Mah’di interpreting the Hadiths and Koran (and Siyar) have done nothing to temper this worldview.


         How many Muslim run states allow the free practice of other religions?  How many “no-go” zones were there in many European cities such as Paris, Berlin and Malmo? The answers should be as obvious as the nose on one’s face, but if a politician or commentator points these out, the Progressives immediately shout them down as being “Intolerant” or “Islamaphobic.” See what England has done to Tommy Robinson. The irony of their disapprobation is the fact that Progressives will be the first to have their heads lopped off if ever the Mohammedans come to power.


         In many ways Modernity is the more dangerous of the two heresies because, as does Lucifer, it mixes lies with the truth, cloaking itself in faux philosophical language and “belief” structure that virulently attacks our Founding Fathers and their sound belief structure based in Faith and Divine Providence. In essence, Modernity denies God, or worse, mocks God and all those who express and practice their Faith in Him and His Natural Law.  Modernists also casually ignore the First Amendment, conveniently labelling any thought contrary to their dogma as “hate speech”.


         It has insidiously eroded the fabric of American society to the point at which now a school district in Charlotte, North Carolina[2] is considering teaching children that there are no little girls or little boys, but rather an androgynous Gender Unicorn.  Had someone twenty years ago – or even ten years ago – told me that this would be discussed anywhere outside the confines of an insane asylum, I would have thought that individual balmy at best.  Now, in this insane asylum of Modern America, the sane and morally upright are made to feel like inmates.  And it is now time for us inmates to begin to fight back and I pray to Almighty God that many of my fellow Americans will join in this existential fight.


         Modernity is that self-centric, condescending worldview of most Progressives, which foolishly believes that mankind can reach Paradise here on Earth via advances in Science, Knowledge and sheer Political Will. It is, distilled down to its essence, original sin: elevating Man to the status of God. It is most clearly seen in its excesses like Transgenderism, E.g., whereby a man rebels against the genetic code God gave him, decides to become his own God by cutting off his penis and calling himself by a girl’s name. Then, not satisfied with his own self-mutilation, demands that the rest of society join in his folly.  One would be just as justified in cutting off a leg, spray painting himself pink, then demanding all call him a flamingo.  Sadly, that Mohammedan-Modernist mixto of a president, Barack Obama, thought it was just peachy to bring such disturbed individuals into our military. Doing so ignored not only right reason but the moral code of Christendom.


         In an attack on all that is good and wholesome in America, the Progressive political machine affirms such insane acts and tries to coerce believers in the traditions of Christianity or Judaism to deny their one true God.


            Some folks hear a song from their youth or smell a home cooked meal that triggers brief flashes of their past, but my memories and recollections from different periods of my life all point to a pending doom for the Republic for which I have fought to protect for most of my adult life. Men were masculine back then and “gay” was a mood, not a euphemism for a queer. One of my friends – an F-14 Tomcat driver, call sign “Coconut” – once commented at a warfighter conference in Little Creek about the “Pussification” of America’s fighting forces.  “Emasculation” may be a better way of stating that truth, but American males are being turned into wimps by helicopter moms and public-school systems devoid of God and teachers like of School Sisters of Notre Dame.[3]


            Everyone laughed at the time, but Coconut’s words were prophetic. How else could we have been at war with radical Islamists since 2001 and still be standing in long lines at airports and enduring multiple attacks on our home soil without even naming the enemy? The Muj – are winning because we have become spiritually and physically weak.  We have lost our will while the enemy hones his hatchets. And now China and Russia (as well as Iran and North Korea) are threatening. 


Now, instead of learning to be resilient, students protest to the Progressive zero-tolerance Mafiosi about micro-aggressions and grades other than an “A”.

My wife, a forensic psychiatrist, often treats American soldiers with Borderline Personality Disorders and narcissistic behavior brought about by not learning resiliency and coping skills my generation learned on the playground.  The result is that many Army units are saddled with what we used to call “the sick, lame and lazy” and there is no hope on the horizon.


            America and Britain defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in a third of the time we have been fiddlefucking around with these savages. And, the Germans and Japs of World War II could really fight … what is wrong with The West nowadays? Where are the 21st Century’s version of the 8th Century’s Charles Martel (Battle of Tours) or his 17th Century successor in the fight against Mohammedans, Jan Sobieski (Siege of Vienna)? Or, even the 20th Century’s Chesty Puller or Alvin York?


It astounds me that we have viable Democratic presidential candidates who are confessed Socialists.  “It will work if we only try harder,” as university professors and the media have brainwashed dimwitted high school students, teachers, school bus drivers and Millennials into believing.  Hell, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot, as well as countless minor potentates in sub-Saharan Africa, killed over 120 million people in the 20th Century trying really hard to make it work.  How many million will the Progressives send to the Gulags to make it work this time? 


            Think I am joking?  As I write, there are divers Federal and State prosecutors scheming to imprison people for being Climate Change “deniers.”  Climate Change fanatics, Green Parties and all of Progressivism are simply filling the vacuum left when we allowed governments to take God out of schools and our social discourse.  The human soul yearns to believe in our Creator and when society squelches that yearning, it is quite natural for man to fall into the worship of modern day Baals: drugs, doing it “My Way,” Climate Change, Animal Rights, LBGTQ and all the other lies of Progressivism.


            Our Founding Fathers, among them George Washington, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Patrick Henry, would shudder at what The Left has done to our Great Republic.  Also, it is oft forgotten the disproportionate sacrifice of the small minority of Jews in America. In Georgia, the first patriot to be killed was a Jew, Francis Salvador.  The most important of the financiers of our Revolution was Haym Salomon, who lent his fortune and then some to the Continental Congress. In the last days of the war, Salomon advanced the American government $200,000. He was never paid back and died in bankruptcy.


Contrary to the Progressive drivel that passes for a basic education in America, these men are not “dead old white men and slave owners, who could not foresee the advent of computers, airplanes, and the Internet.”  Rather, they were geniuses that understood the fundamental and enduring nature of mankind and wrote our Constitution as a bulwark against that nature.  Most of them spoke and wrote in two or three languages and had truly diverse interests. Now, the likes of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (aka “AOC”) wish to destroy that document that millions of brave Americans have fought and died defending in our brief history.


            The Constitution is a pact between free peoples and their government.  It confers limited powers to that government yet confers nothing to the Individual. The Bill of Rights merely acknowledges what are God-given individual rights under the Natural Law: rights to freely associate with those we chose; the right to be armed for defense against bandits and an oppressive government; the right to be free from unfettered search and seizure; and, all the rights enumerated and more.  Yet, its enforcement is critical to protecting our individual rights and limiting the powers of government.  If the Modernists or Mohammedans have their way, its life will be short-lived.


            These new Soviets: disinter the graves of Confederate heroes; unilaterally and without referendum take out decades-old beautiful stained glass from the National Cathedral because it “offends” the ignorant; and, plague the populace with so many laws and regulations that the average person can unknowingly commit Three Felonies a Day.[4]  I pray that we can turn our Republic around before it is too late to restore so many lost freedoms.  Unless we get our own house in order and return to a community bound together by the common virtues of our Judeo-Christian monotheism, we will lose the battle with Islam and The Left.  We must remain virtuous or we will be caved in by the true evil of Modernity that Orwell, Churchill and Chesterton warned us about. “When Man ceases to worship God, he does not worship nothing but worships everything.”  We must all become Saint Thomas More, a speaker of the truth no matter the cost. If not, we squander all that was given to us by our forebearers.

David Bolgiano


[1] Sadly, the Progressive Modernists hijacked this beautiful word and, consequently, in the 20th Century it became synonymous with their cheap, humanistic worldview.

[2] Ironically, the National Football League and other sports groups have targeted North Carolina for boycott because of that state’s law requiring people to use bathrooms based on the sex God gave them.

[3] I shared the same First Grade teacher at Baltimore’s Cathedral of Mary Our Queen with a much better author, George Weigel. As George so righty wrote in his brilliant book Letters to a Young Catholic, Sister Mary Moira could teach a cinder block to read.  I was one of them.  Even for non-Roman Catholics, I heartily commend Weigel’s book.  It sparkles with hidden gems from recent and distant past.

[4] Silverglate, Harvey, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, Encounter Books (2011).